Asset Management

The focus on value-add properties requires an intensive asset management and a rigorous property management control for each single asset. Customized leasing and capex strategies, reduction of operating costs and a reliable relationship to existing tenants are the basis for value growth.

Our asset managers are mainly

  • Managing and re-negotiating existing leases
  • Setting-up leasing strategies for new leases
  • Negotiating new lease contracts

Property Management

Everest truly believes that full control over financials and cash are prerequisites for a successful investment. This is why we are doing in-house:

  • Property accounting
  • Rent collection and recovery
  • Claims management
  • Monitoring and quality management of service charge settlement
  • Supervision of external property manager

Technical Management & Project Development

In-house technical expertise ensures optimal cost control on refurbishment and capital expenditures, as well as adequacy of building equipment. Everest has an effective small team of architects and engineers, which defines necessary refurbishments and repairs, tenders them and controls time and quality. The advantages having the team in-house are costs, quality, and time control.


The financial team has three main tasks, cash management, controlling and reporting.

The financial department is responsible for the entire cash flow process. It performs all treasury related tasks and covers all cash in- and outflows from and to the managed properties.

Finance covers rent allocations, budgeting, cost control, corporate expenses, interaction with accountants, tax advisors and senior loan providers, loan monitoring.

Reporting is in line with international standards and securitization needs.

Corporate Finance & Governance

Everest is covering all transaction related tasks, like structuring and coordinating due diligences, contract negotiations, financing negotiations, co-ordination of tax and legal advisors

If needed, Everest can handle all administrative and legal aspects of a tax optimized structure, and has extensive knowledge in managing SPVs.

Acting as the senior lenders or servicer’s main point of contact, Everest controls and cares for meeting any loan agreement regulation and compliance with debt covenants.